Next Big Thing Movement seeks to shine a light and create an collaborative cohort of the TOP Millennial Influencers across America, to make a social impact on humanity. Millennials are the heartbeat of society and represent the largest generation in the country (USA), as well as in the workplace. As this generation continues to shape the way people work, interact, give, volunteer and make buying decisions, their preferences will ultimately become the norm.

As a Global Non-Profit Social Movement, the NEXT BIG THING MOVEMENT has provided millennials with a forum, social capital, and tools to move their ideas forward. Our local, national, and international platforms have propelled our mission and vision to higher heights as the birth place of ideas, plans, and also as a strategic hub for cultivating the next big thing.

Last night I accepted this award for the Top 35 Millennial Influencers in the country. Such a honor and a blessing to have the opportunity to listen to everyone's story and relate to the daily trials and hardship it takes to reach your goals. Keep pushing, someone some where is counting on you to #RaiseTheBar Thank you for this amazing award #nbtforward @nbtmovement @mropportunity #impacthub

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