Alumni Spotlight: Luke Lawal, Jr on HBCU Lifestyle

Luke Lawal, Jr. is a born leader, a true teacher and a bold innovator that does not subscribe to the status quo. Lawal, 22, is a DC native, who graduated from Bowie State University in May 2012 with a degree in Biochemistry. He is an ambitious, fast rising entrepreneur who is driven to achieve nothing less than success in anything he puts his mind to accomplish. This mind set was no accident. From a very young age Luke was taught by his mother to be a leader, to do something different and change the world. His mother, who also attended an HBCU, graduated summa cum laude as an undergrad at Howard University. She earned a Master’s degree from Howard’s graduate degree program. The values Mother Lawal instilled in Luke, along with a host of mentors and internships had a major impact on his life as a youth and as an adult. He’s all about paying it forward. Earning a degree and getting a corporate job could never satisfy the hunger of this young future mogul. That’s why he set his sights on becoming a business owner long before entering college.